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Typishly is a popular online literary magazine publishing short fiction and poetry submitted by established and emerging writers. Our website receives several hundred thousand page views a year. We aim to inspire writers by responding overnight with a few words of encouragement, no matter how much effort that takes, no matter how many hours it consumes, seven days a week. 

Personalized response in 24 hours. 

Typishly’s editor Jon has encouraged writers for years as a Creative Director. He has received international awards for his creativity. 

Typishly is a positive and welcoming space for writers, where creativity is respected, cherished and nourished. We strive to encourage and inspire, even when responding to short stories and poetry not accepted for publication.

Jon responds to all submissions in one day with a friendly personalized note briefly pointing out phrases or ideas he likes, because it’s good to know someone has read and thought about your work. (For much more, see our FAQs.)

Typishly has been called beautiful, stylish, visual, cool, gorgeous, text-y, inspiring, wonderful, eclectic, vivid, visceral, stunning, challenging, smart, delightful… and sometimes weird. We have good things on the go every day.

To get started, click the green Submit button on this page. It will take you to Submittable, an online submission management platform that is trusted by more than two million users and 11,000+ organizations, including Harvard, MIT, LA Times, New Yorker, NBC, Harlequin, TechCrunch, NPR, and 300+ universities. Over 1,100 writers follow Typishly on Submittable. There is a submission fee. (We do not read emailed submissions.)

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Built for writers. Loved by readers.

Typishly has published poetry and short stories by a founding editor at Vanity Fair, a former TV producer for 60 Minutes, newspaper journalists, an international diplomat, veterans, novelists, university professors, lawyers, medical professionals, teachers, MFA students, professional actors and musicians, visual artists, retirees, homemakers, high school students, an Olympian, and a guy who works in demolition. They live in America, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. Read the bios of our Featured Writers.

Each of our contributing writers has a dedicated author page displaying the portfolio of work they have published on Typishly. Here is our most published writer.

Supporting new and emerging writers.

Every week, Typishly sends out a special call for writers who have been published three or fewer times, with a Monday submission deadline. Unpublished newbies are encouraged to submit. Your short story or poetry will be considered along with work submitted by other emerging writers.

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Questions? Read our FAQs and Terms of Use.