How do I submit my work?
We accept submissions exclusively on the Submittable platform because it allows us to manage a large inflow of poetry and short fiction, work efficiently, and respond to writers quickly. Submittable is trusted by over 10,000 organizations including The New Yorker, CBS and over 300 universities.

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Can I email my work to you?
We do not accept, or read, submissions made via email.

What formats do you accept? How about a PDF?
Submit a Word doc or docx file only. No PDFs. Most writers are fine with this guideline because they have saved their original Word docx files, not just the subsequent PDF version.

Do I have to be a published author to be accepted here?
No. It makes no difference to us whether or not you’ve already been published, or how often. In our pages, you’ll find wonderful poems and short stories written by experienced, published writers… and by folks whose work has never appeared anywhere before. We love reading cover notes and bios, and communicating with the fascinating array of people who send us their writing. But ultimately, what you send to us matters more than who you are. Our authors include a founding editor at Vanity Fair, a former TV producer for 60 Minutes, newspaper journalists, an international diplomat, veterans, novelists, university professors, lawyers, medical professionals, teachers, MFA students, professional actors and musicians, visual artists, retirees, homemakers, high school students, an Olympian, and a guy who works in demolition. They live in America, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada and elsewhere.

Can I submit a link to my work?
You can send us a link to your own website if you have one. If you like, we’ll even include that link in your bio if we publish your work. But we don’t follow links to work stored elsewhere. Again: submit a Word doc or docx file only.

When should I submit? What are your deadlines?
Our submission process for poems and short stories has no deadlines. Submit any time you think you have work that represents the best you can do. Our Creative Challenges have three week deadlines and are refreshed regularly. Our Weekend Roundtable has a Saturday deadline every week.

My poem has unusual formatting. Will you still accept it?
We don’t publish poems with words scattered artistically all over the page because they do not display properly on smartphone screens.

My short story is a bit long. How long is too long?
Don’t submit short fiction over 5,000 words long. Our sweet spot is even shorter than that at 2,000 to 3,000 words.

Can I submit more than one story?
One story per submission. You can submit multiple times if you have more than one story.

I have quite a few poems. Will you read them all?
Submit up to five poems per submission. You can submit multiple times if you have more than five poems.

I just got rejected / I just got published. How long do I have to wait to submit something else?
Submit as often as you like, whenever you’re ready. Creativity should never be limited. If your work meets our high standards, we’ll happily publish it. A few of our contributing writers have been published multiple times.

How come I got rejected so quickly? Did you even read my work?
Please don’t take our speed as adding to a sense of ‘rejection’. We respond to submissions quickly as a courtesy to writers who might want to submit their work elsewhere. It would be selfish of us to hold work in limbo while we dithered. So we don’t. We try to respond within a week as a sign of respect to the writers who submit. And yes, we do read every submission in full.

Who will read my work?
Our editor reads everything, including your cover note and bio.

Who is your editor?
Jon is the Founding Editor of Typishly. He has received international awards for creativity. Jon worked as a Creative Director in Don Draper’s world, pitching his ideas to global companies with famous brands. One client crawled 20 feet on top of a boardroom table to shake his hand. Jon is very interested in you as a writer and sometimes provides editorial advice to help emerging talent.

Do you pay writers?
Unfortunately, Typishly cannot afford to pay writers. There are no ads on our site to earn income because advertising would ruin the reader experience. We make no money from subscriptions, either, because Typishly is free. And we don’t run revenue-generating contests that writers must pay to enter.

Do you run contests that pay cash prizes?
No, we don’t.

Does Typishly own my work if it’s published?
No, certainly not. Any and all content contributed by you to Typishly is owned by you and you retain sole copyright over the materials you have submitted. You maintain the right to publish your content elsewhere, online or offline, at any time and without any credit to Typishly. By contributing content to our website, you are granting Typishly a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and worldwide license to use your content in connection with the operation of the website, including, without limitation, the license rights to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, edit, translate and reformat your content. We may also from time to time use a brief excerpt from your content to promote your work, and Typishly, on Twitter. See our Terms of Use.

Why do you charge a submission fee?
We love Submittable.com because it helps writers discover Typishly, but the monthly fee we must pay to access the Submittable submission management service is our largest regular expense. Submittable’s Enterprise Plan costs USD$300 per month, plus a 99 cent charge on every submission, plus an additional 5% charge on all submission fees. We also pay for website hosting, security software, legal fees, and so on. Writers pay us a small submission fee to help us defray these out-of-pocket expenditures.

Paying the $3 submission fee means my work will definitely be accepted for publication, right?
No, it doesn’t. We’re not a vanity publisher. Paying the fee does not mean your work will automatically be published. Our website features only the very best of the work submitted to us. Our Editor is solely responsible for selecting those poems and stories from the steady flow of strong writing he has the privilege of reading.

Typishly published my work, but now I need to take it down. What should I do?
Just send us an email and we’ll remove your work and your bio from our website as quickly as we can.

How do I find your newest poems and short stories?
If you’re on a laptop, you can find our newest material by looking in the bottom left corner of any page, where you’ll see our What’s New list. Or if you’re on a smartphone, just scroll to the bottom of any page until you see What’s New. There are always 14 fresh titles there. If you’re looking for a particular piece not shown there, try our search tool.

Is Typishly on Facebook? Twitter?
We’re not on Facebook, but our contributing writers have been generous enough to share their pages among their friends on social media. We are on Twitter.

How do I subscribe?
We don’t offer subscriptions. Typishly is free, online only, with no print version. So if you like the writing on our website, we encourage you to visit often.

Where are the Typishly offices, geographically?
Typishly does not have a physical location. There are no offices. Typishly is wherever our founding editor is, as he moves about the planet. In the cloud, adrift in dreams, lost in mist, mysteriously.

I have a question not answered here.
If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, have a look at our Terms of Use. You’re also welcome to contact us.

Still not sure?
If you’ve made it this far, why not give it a shot? Our editor has been encouraging creative people for a couple of decades. (Even his “maybe next time” notes are friendly.)

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