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Creative Challenges

Our Wednesday Challenges are fun writing prompts to inspire adventurous writers. They are not contests. There are no prizes.

There are three options in each creative challenge, so there’s usually something that will inspire you.

We publish every submission that impresses us with its creativity. Sometimes that’s none, but other times it’s a few. When each deadline arrives, we refresh the creative challenge with new writing prompts.

Our Founding Editor Jon says: “If you can impress me with your creativity, make me lean back in my chair and gaze out the window, you’re in. My creative horizon is way out there. Examples from our pages: Neon Love by Faye Brinsmead | Rules is Rules by Harry James | Fiery Angelic Herald Borrows Toothbrush by Mark Thomas | What We Imagined by Shelagh Powers Johnson | On/Off by Stephen Ground.

“Secret tips: I love the unexpected. Make me see old things in new ways. (Quirky is good.) Have a look at our Editor’s Choice poetry and short fiction: my favorite work is there.”


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