From creative challenge

Digging Deep & Dark

Deeply dripping dark dreams
Engaged erotically every eve
Five fondling fingers folded;
Girded goalposts give – go greedy –

How …

Saxy Beast

He left early – packed while she was at work, as agreed; moved boxes to an unknown locale. She pretended …


In your knee-high, tri-stripe socks,
you are the feather-haired object of my broken heart.

I have loved you
since …


The flutter of paper thin eyelids,
                        butterflies   ^
the dry rattle, the absence of a pulse.
                       ^  …


¬ I.

Now is the tinkle of a child at the curled brow of a clown in a moving circus …

Flying Well

He found he couldn’t just sit anymore. The living room, well, it wasn’t. Perfectly happy with the parquet, he couldn’t …


I did a number on the discolored patch of this room that stared me down
And treated it with a …