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About Us

We strive for creativity, quality and diversity.

There is no space more magical than the one between the neurons in your skull when that blue spark of genius jumps across the gap and ignites an idea. Unless it’s the space beneath the first letter you’ll press on your keyboard when you next sit down to write something wonderful: many microns of emptiness await the tap of your eager index finger. Yes, Typishly loves creativity.

Then there’s quality. Typishly is a word-spinning cyber-filter tuned to 26 ever-tumbling letters. We do our darnedest to populate our website with work of the highest quality. Thankfully, our contributing writers are submitting such a wealth of brilliant material, we’re humbled by the honor of reading it. Without superior quality, we’d have nothing.

Finally, diversity. What inescapable horror would life be if we were all the same color, culture, age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity… if we all smelled like peaches? If we all wore size 2 slacks and size 9 shoes? If we all had the same mental image when confronted with the word ‘beauty’?

How dreary would our days be if all stories began alike and ended the same way, and were oh-so similar in the middle? What sad face would each of us don if, from this day forward, all poems must contain precisely 19 words, nomorenoless, each syllable pre-approved, focus-grouped and polished by nervous committees aiming not to offend delicate sensibilities?

So, diversity is in. We celebrate every difference you bring to us, not just in your work, but in how you define yourself as a writer and as a citizen of this ball we all inhabit. Spinning wildly through the cosmos on a green-blue orb, ain’t it a helluva ride we’re on together?

What is Typishly?

Typishly is an online literary magazine publishing short stories and poetry submitted by established and emerging writers. Our journal has been called beautiful, stylish, visual, cool, gorgeous, text-y, smart, inspiring, wonderful, eclectic, vivid, visceral, stunning, challenging, delightful… and sometimes weird. 

We’re in this to inspire as many writers as we can while providing a beautiful home for their work, no matter how much effort that takes, no matter how many hours it consumes, seven days a week. We have good things on the go every day.

We respond in one day with a personalized note.

Typishly’s founding editor has received international awards for creativity. Jon will read and respond to your poetry or short story in just one day with a personalized note, briefly mentioning something he likes about your writing. Because it’s good to know someone has read and thought about your work.

If accepted for publication, then the day after that, your writing will be posted on our website. (Yes, Typishly really is that fast. We don’t do things monthly or quarterly or annually. We do things right now.)

What kind of writing does Typishly publish? Have a look at our FAQs for the answer to that question and many more.


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