man on dock facing the ocean
[ This image is in the public domain. ]

The Jones Of It

For a time it cut through conversation, car metal & spare parts. It pierced glass, split spinnakers, reversed propellers, roiled the bay, sheared sand.

It rose tarry & thick off paved parking lots, shot through the slots of my shopping cart, sucked AC out of the frozen food aisle, pooled ice cream, wilted green beans.

It juiced watermelons, spitting flesh & seeds high as July fireworks. Algae bloomed hot fluorescent, fish jumped six feet high, rods cast a mile out into the bay.

Dogs panted not knowing the why of it, the cat (skittish & wild) lazed out long on the hot deck. Screech Owls screeched midday. Mourning doves moved on.

Potted plants drooped & whined. Cold water ran hot. Planets flamed out. Night laid down a new trail. You knew if you put your hands on me—it would burn.

The shimmer & shackle of it.