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Tech Talk and Love at Farley’s Café

Originally it looked like this (punches a few keys),
but now it looks like this. The conceptual packet is all
heart-shaped. That’s what resonates.

(He turns the laptop and her eyes widen.)

I get chills about what you’re saying,
because no one’s gone after that yet!

We want that, yeah. Like Deepak Chopra.
And you know that Aloha protein powder?
It’s consumer-oriented, but missing the arc
of how to say hello to happiness.

I feel like it matches the ethos,
but with an inventory mind-set.
It’s in the constellation. I get that.
Yeah, I get that.

Think of that, but context.

Oh. Oh, I see.
What box do you put me in?

(He types to show her.)

We’ve got the sphere here, but nothing
right now in the middle, if you will…
I was just looking at the landscape.
I was, like, trying to articulate
how people like to bucket things.
What do they really want? What do they feel?

Yeah, exactly. I’m just trying to get into that feel.

Okay, I’ll show you the offshoots.
Here’s my stab at getting the script of “me” down.
That whole thing I went through with my parents last year?
Now all numbers to put some meat on it.

Looking at this and you know, like, you feel it.

You just saying that made
my frickin’ day.

(They stare at each other a moment,
then back at the screen.)