horizontal bars in pink and aqua representing Miami Vice colors

Say Hell’s a rerun of Miami Vice
where a D-list celebrity supplies
a lackluster voiceover, describes Tubbs
at a precinct desk doing paperwork,
while Sonny—in a knockoff Savile Row—
sits on a rooftop patio eating
a wilted Waldorf salad. that’s the plot.
there are no explosions or concussion-
induced alter egos. no IRA
assassins or Calderone vendettas.
no Cubans, cars, or cocaine in the air
tonight. here you’re a periwinkle
jacket, wrinkled on a closet floor. here
you burn in the swale of waiting for more.
EDITOR’S NOTE: This poem was selected from entries submitted to our Creative Challenge Series #53: Word Salad, which required that the words bolded in the text must be used as given. Read other Creative Challenge winners. To find out how to participate, go to Creative Challenges.