green bullfrog on lily pad with one big eye looking at us
[ This photograph is in the public domain. ]

Bullfrog: It’s Not Unusual

O Croak, O Ribbit, King O-Lilly Pad
& baritone of dusk, with a pair of

floating fish-egg eyes & shades of green
on green in Duckweed Moss. Amour

MC of spring & leap of faith, of big
tadpoles & lazy wiggle toes, crooner

Mr. Sunset Serenader and phantom of
his cattail forest. Of Bobbing bobber-

head & puffy jowl, with a built-in
metronome. He’s the Ultimate pond-side

Romeo of frogs––legs down. A
quintessential Tom Jones of amphibians.

Autumn brings its bling & struts its stuff
no doubt, but I’ll miss my croak & ribbit

oh so much, at least until he sings again
next spring.