Pinky-white, I walk content
your blossom aisle.

Treacly chicken treats
with cold Asahi.

I taste it. I see you –
open-petal parachutes,

Words, in a flurry,
settle gently on the page.



Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana started reciting poetry at age five, when she attended Speech and Drama lessons in the historic market town of Bradford-on-Avon, near Bath, in the U.K. She went on to win Eisteddfods in Music and Drama. Alexandra studied Modern History at St.Hugh’s College, the University of Oxford. Subsequently, she trained as a secondary school teacher at the University of East Anglia before beginning a decade’s teaching career in Japan. Japanese themes and symbols permeate her poetry. She resides in the north of England where she works as a lecturer in Humanities and Social Science at Newcastle University. Alexandra has a Masters in Japanese Language and Society from Sheffield University and is currently pursuing an MA in Writing Poetry at Newcastle University.

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