After the Storm

After the storm took out the power
I woke to darkness, blearily thought
What’s still possible? Well, sex, if only
you were here. And coffee luckily from
my Bialetti Express nuzzled by the blue gas.

I was trying to play “Stardust” à la Tatum when
the television shuddered back on–SBS Spanish news–
big fires round Barcelona,      in the Canaries
a pink plastic child’s swing going ape
in the hurricane.

…for Antoinette



Ross Bolleter lives in Western Australia, where he teaches Zen. His book The Five Ranks of Dongshan: Keys to Enlightenment was published by Wisdom Books in Boston, USA. His book ‘The crow flies backwards’ will appear this summer. Two books of his poetry have been published, by Smokebush Press and Fremantle Press, Australia.



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