San Francisco skyline in darkness

Deeply dripping dark dreams
Engaged erotically every eve
Five fondling fingers folded;
Girded goalposts give – go greedy –

How hath human horoscopes
Intertwined, itching, ignited
Jab jocular jostle; jury & joie
Kettle keeps a knowledgeable kill
Lording lust loves liminal
Mentions. Marathon. Mark marriage –

No napier, no nihilage
Over octagonal obfuscation
Purposefully placed; purport
Queen’s quaff – questioning & quell.

Ransom rider’s rote ruling raw
Satiated. Sunshine – superseded.
The twilight – two tormenting
Undertakers use of umpteem urns
Vie – vile & vain. Virtual vigor vane –

Wise Wu wonders why wanton warrior wanders –
Xon Xavier’s Xanadu; a xenophobe
Yoke. Yearning, young, yelling – yes!
Zeus’ zone. Zen. Zebediah Zealous.

After all, at apex approaching
Be better, be born, be bonded breast!
Catch cymbal; conch & catacomb crest.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This poem was selected from entries submitted to our Creative Challenge Series #16: First Sentences, which required that the first sentence in the text must be used as given.