In your knee-high, tri-stripe socks,
you are the feather-haired object of my broken heart.

I have loved you
since before I came to Santa Cruz and found you there.

A sweet and salty butter pad floats
on the popping silver surface of a hot frying pan.

I drop six eggs, grated white cheese, fresh diced basil, chunks of avocado,
and quartered baby bella mushrooms into virgin olive oil.

It cooks, and I uncork Cava.
I pour the lively liquid into two coupe glasses, and give you one.

You architect a toast, stacking words
like Lincoln Logs, each one lying crosswise across another.

And the smell of burning fried eggs,
like old cum on a towel, fills the room.

Preacher Boy: “Envelope” from the album “Estate Bottled Blues” available from Coast Road Records. Visit the Preacher Boy website.
EDITOR’S NOTE: This poem was selected from entries submitted to our Creative Challenge Series #14: Word Salad, which required that the words bolded in the text must be included. Read other Creative Challenge winners. To find out how to participate, go to Creative Challenges.


Christopher Watkins is an award-winning songwriter, producer, musician and recording artist. He has released 10 albums under the name Preacher Boy. He is also Senior Writer at Udacity (recently named to MIT’s “50 Smartest Companies” list). His debut poetry volume “Short Houses With Wide Porches” was published by Shady Lane Press (a program of The Jack Kerouac Writer-in-Residence Project). His poems have appeared or are appearing in The Massachusetts Review, Redivider, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and more. He received his MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from The Stonecoast MFA Program at The University of Southern Maine.

Photograph of the couple is a still frame from the Preacher Boy video on this page.



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