From March, 2018

Day Dream

I awaken to find my brain
sitting on the kitchen counter:
a grey fruit
cut into neat sections.

I cough …

Truth Be Told

About a year ago Buster quit fixing track for the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe and took up a job …


The flutter of paper thin eyelids,
                        butterflies   ^
the dry rattle, the absence of a pulse.
                       ^  …


I’ve been eating the skin off my hands

for as long as I can remember;
all-purpose tools, obedient pets,

hot …


+ I.


Maryborough. What would Twain say? I ask. It’s a station with a town attached. Ignition off, you …

The Poet’s Progress

Declan expects Byron Appleby to be a middle-aged, rumpled Englishman wearing worn cords, a hairy tweed jacket and smelling of …


It was February, a colorless midweek afternoon. Dad picked me up from school in his beat up old Camry, as …

Her Death About

I could tell how she needed you,
though I was never sure about me;
we needed her.
Boyfriend, best friend:…


¬ I.

Now is the tinkle of a child at the curled brow of a clown in a moving circus …