Is This It

dull rain soaks sun withered
grass rat sniffs candy abandoned

on broken pavement downtown
no one notices the elderly

spellcaster in blue wool coat
goggle spectacles black

knit cap bearing sign
offering work for something

like a meal dark urban chant
of fierce grubby touching

mixing with car alarm
blasting my skull

a cauldron for disappointment
and cold queasy throb

my sheets damp and sour
mirror forever vicious

and unforgiven i cautiously
adore your earjugs bristling

chin with delicate lips
and you sneer and the moon

sinks into endless
ocean of black dragging

along the stars
and me



Christopher Soden is a queer American male poet who often uses poetry to explore the nature of shared virility among men. His writing has been published in Rattle, Cortland Review, Eleven Eleven, Chelsea Station and The Gay & Lesbian Review.



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