looking out window of cafe in Paris as woman walks by in street

Sketching Lenny @ 10:48am

I have a weakness

for coffee men
artistic types
Lenny Kravitz in Again
like luke warm soil
curdling in rain
call it caffeine addiction
to mozart fingers
making pottery of me
spinning child-like dreams
making poetry of me
you twirl nose ring
i sit pretty
edge and accent
reach for me
forearm flexing
popping vein
drum 2.3.4
fedora on top
slice beat in 30
Chef indie rock
cut up denim
he’s some kind of alternative
come over here and
scald me
swirl that kettle spout in circles
scald me
jackson pollock
paint me
asymmetry with your
honey thick slow drip

i have patterns

for needing steady
proto-type wall street
dryclean sexy
push 7 for me
Solid Alphas
take me
walking on your concrete
all the way through
to centre of sphere
between scholar and mayfair
engulf me
i want every last one of you
to need me
power-play is foreplay
hedge bets on this
exotic option
you invented me
rodin’s thinker
don’t over think it
race me to the crash
challenge me
i’m not angry
just shy of starving
for seconds and third
place me
in your shiny world

i harbor cravings

for simplicity
everyday love
just loyalty
that I can swallow whole
and belch in real time
judgment free
everyday genius
design for us
a lifetime of laughter
humor me
with everyday romance
despite my spiky limbs
& filthy mood swings
survive me
and all of my creases
this unlikely reality
is so slippery
allow me
to sow our skin siamese
before i lose you

i want awakening

for saffron to be relevant
and irrelevant
for india to be mother and geography
for sikhi to be unfinished schooling
for sense to marry madness
for incense
to choke me
into frenzy of jogi
clarity in anarchy
i’m dizzy on this sea-saw
of cliché and post-modernity
tell me it’s ok to seek both
to want everything

this is how I can tell
that my soul has been moonlighting again
it darts between silhouettes of men
who in the dark are meant to feel the same
Because anyone can kiss eyelids
Anyone can
It’s No one who’s the problem
he’s simply put