four brown eggs in cardboard carton

Emotional Eating

~ 1.
My mother insisted
egg beaters were better.
I insisted
whisks were better.
“You can’t beat the eggs enough with a whisk.”
“You overbeat them with an egg beater.”

~ 2.
Dark of night
all asleep but
heating a skillet on low
calming monkey mind while
quietly whisking eggs
stirring them gently into barely bubbling butter
until they are soft
golden silk
almost no substance
just a warm melted

~ 3.
Boil the egg
then tap with the back
of a spoon until
the eggshell
filigrees with cracks.
Return to the pot
with soy sauce and tea
and soon you will have
a work of art.

~ 4.
Sad abandonment
in the back of the fridge
chopped roast, onions, peppers,
butter, parsley
dash of cream
topped by a quivering poached egg—
leftover to laudable.
Pride goeth before a meal.

~ 5.
When a recipe
for pound cake
calls for 12 eggs
it is already a celebration.

~ 6.
For the filling
you may use
sriracha. Jalapeno.
Capers. Caviar.
Smoked trout, shrimp, radish.
you can devil those eggs
the way your mother did:
mayo, salt, paprika.
Perfect in every way.