curved lane in Rome with pink and yellow walled buildings

Farewell Street

Turn left at Farewell Street,
Abandon the GPS,
Lose your keys,
Your head, your life,
Your car, your passport,
Credit card, bank account,
Tax return, iPhone,
Your wallet, your shoes
Any plans, abandon
All of them, let go
Of sadness, so, the past is sad.

Go left on Farewell Street,
Drive past the silent graveyards,
The military complex,
Challenge moral authority,
All the ghosts
You idolize, with white
Impunity, ride
Past the open casket
Of racial terror
That eclipses quiet days.
Mark the journey, alter your
Knowledge of yourself.

Take a left on Farewell Street,
Pray, laugh, rotate
Your soul, until it
Makes its own sense,
Be the compass, be the map,
Be kind, be generous, be
Still your heart, then fail
To be still, fail again,
Fail more deeply
To love this world
That makes no sense,
Love it some more,
Be brave, go left,
On Farewell Street.