From January, 2018


I’ve been clogged for some time now,
but I’m used to being filled,
so it’s not a big deal.
And …

The King

I leave the apartment around midnight in my full Elvis regalia. The fake belly is the worst part; the straps …


Reaching out I saw things lapse in the bright darkness
and touched them with the restless hand of the blind.…

Dear Dissolution

The thin glass of the old window is vibrating with wing
flutter from the snarled nest of Christmas trimming and…

Emotional Eating

~ 1.
My mother insisted
egg beaters were better.
I insisted
whisks were better.
“You can’t beat the eggs enough …


Somewhere between Toronto and Berlin
we hang—beads of dew—lachrymal, free
from gravitational demands, trembling
in the fervor of a sleepless …


One thousand birds
return, one
by one,

          tree-peak rattles
with their quest-

          Barbed-foot, Electric
-wing, Purple-
tuft, …