The Pescetarian Who Didn’t Like Fish

When my grandmother caught me at birth
She named me Paradox

Said I was like something that was expected to be good
But turned out shockingly bad

I never really understood the old hag
But the damage was done the moment she uttered the word

Paradox –
The African girl who jammed to Scandinavian Metal

That one who never attended lectures but still aced the tests
The Christian girl who could effortlessly recite the Qur’an

The legendary pescetarian who didn’t like fish
The girl with the shaved head who gallivanted in heels and red lipstick

The one and only –
I became a paradox.



Akachi Obijiaku is a Nigerian poet who started writing poetry in 2017. She emigrated to England four years ago and holds an MSc from King’s College London. Her works are forthcoming or appearing in Underscore Review, The Inquisitive Eater, Abstract Magazine, Meniscus Literary Journal, The Basil O’Flaherty, Rising Phoenix Review, Scarlet Leaf Review and Sentinel Literary Quarterly.



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