What Do They Do With You?

Naked tree stands before me.
What color were its leaves?
Branches say, “Hold me,” to bare sky.

My best friend has lost her breasts,
cancer ravaged them. She will
have new breasts, perky at
sixty-three. Shriveled breasts,
what do they do with you?

Put them in my hands
to cradle.



Jerrice J. Baptiste has authored eight books. Her poetry in Haitian Creole is featured on the Grammy Award winning album Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti. She has appeared at the Woodstock Library’s Writers in the Mountains series with noted female authors and poets in the Hudson Valley, NY. Her work has been published in So Spoke The Earth: Anthology of Women Writers of Haitian Descent, African Voices, Chronogram, Shambhala Times, and Crucible.



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