From December, 2017

Face the Strange

My ears finally grew. I’m not beaming about that. They were once tea party
dainty––peach-fuzzed petit fours
like they’d forgotten …

Patrick’s Theme

Patrick remembers being little and going to visit his grandparents’ every Sunday. At some point, his grandpa got a colostomy—that’s …


In the Hebrew Bible and New Testament
Hearing is the most mentioned of the senses:

Ears is said 88 times.…

Cover Letter

For three years I have guided tours at the Western Memorial Museum’s Diorama of Enigmas where I programmed mannequins to …

Steam and Grind

Funny the softest voice I know
Would choose as her favorite
A spot besieged by noise.

Tucked behind dividing walls…


When I was a young girl, a creature crept into my bed and into my body. A creature that dwells …

.38 Carousel

Leslie sliced carrots into discs, spears, and the occasional rhombus. She hummed the chorus to ‘Suicide is Painless’, as her …

Blue Memories

} i.

a Montana mountain pass

1300 feet below
a little lake
the cloudless-blue day

looking west
waves and …

Thank You

I enjoy working with kids. That’s a lie. I don’t work with kids. I want to, but I imagine I …