Before America

I’m jumping ship on America
Before I see the Statue I’ll be overboard
Count me deported before I make it
I’ve already woken up from the Dream
You see, I am from the land of opportunity
I was raised on the salt of the ocean
The land and ocean told me who they are
They said where they’re from originally
Somewhere between the silence
It was the most beautiful word I’ve heard
And it didn’t sound like America
The strange thing is I’ve heard it before
Now, when I travel, I hear it everywhere
It was something more like Earth
Only smaller, and it had its own music



Alexander Menachem is a Romaniote heritage poet based in Istanbul and New York. He works as an international arts and culture reporter currently producing a literary anthology of Judeo-Greek writing from antiquity to the contemporary titled Romaniote Literature. His travelogue to northwestern Greece, The Clouds of Ioannina, is forthcoming as a photobook.



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