Survival Dreams of Birthday Cake

This lust is a quiet dream.
Made wave breaking
Plate breaking
Plate scraping
Hunger morsel
Morsel moments
of insolence
& bodyshame
Shameslut slutstain
Stainbreak breakfast
Eggowaffle headblast
Still starving
child waiting
for fullbelly dreamspace
Bellyfull safeplace
Nofear twoface
Nostakes runrace
Nightmare daybreak
Wakeup dreamscape
kind of home.



Kate Hoyle is a poet and visual artist who lives in California. Her five poem series, On America, toured the US and South America on exhibit in U2’s Joshua Tree World Tour 2017. “Survival Dreams of Birthday Cake” is a mark of the conversation between the breaking and the incandescent, the trauma and the breath. It is the dialogue of Kate’s inner and outer worlds. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, The AUDACITY and Handwritten.



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