outdoor square in Paris with colorful works of surrealist art

the longest tail I’ve ever seen

tireless to dip and sometimes

dip again underbelly 57 sauces

skidsteer backalley junkies to front porch peeling

news delivered daily fresh

still fresh even ripe fresh

curves between another set of


you heard this one? he has

but he finds your telling

fresh fish caught in a Uist sunup redlight he’s never

seen on a trawler named for someone’s aunt

he’s never fucked curving and so very

fascinating he says in that lock-jaw

Boston Brahmin frankly original

figures crunched numbers not so much soap

bubbles but thumbscrew distinct and

open to interpretation

through decades of protest peace talks

hemlines tides

always fresh volumes to be read

tail trailing the stacks all the way

back to microfiche

across borders field and fen and underwire bras

unhooked with one hand practiced

well versed virtuoso in 32 linga francs per

dozen tuned and fresh and inexhaustible

to step over those vertebrae

articulating threshold strongholds

we snatch at his excess

neurotransmitter cloud

parade candy shower grabbing


how could he bear

at what joint

smoke or

sever such

a tail so

long lush