Sinatra Over Dames Point

Sinatra was singing
to the tune
of our seduction

the blasts of AC
chilled skin
in time with
the spreading

I pressed the sole
of my saddle shoe
onto the gas pedal
of a ’48 Ford De Luxe
& took to the sky

straight into a
potion-purple horizon
that burst profoundly
from between
the sky-teeth
of a white
cable-stay bridge

open to the night
you threw your arm
around my shoulder:
it was a moment
of cinematic truth

we drove
down the last
gilded veins
of sunlight before
Moon River began
to play.



Laura Hoffman writes poetry when she’s filled with thoughts and feelings about interpersonal relationships and poignant experiences. Her work has been widely published.


[The photograph of Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly at the top of this page is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1963 and although there may or may not have been a copyright notice, the copyright was not renewed.]


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