sunset and purple sky across water

What Pain Becomes: A Vision Board

bandaid-blistered birdsong
secret handshake with the neighbor’s cat
connective tissue eye contact
watered by the gush gaze of a stranger
no / but thank you
hand-held storm cloud lasso
borrow it anytime
forgetting your umbrella / on purpose
slow dissolve under the tongue honey hum
juniper berry lipstick
loving again
star-drunk mountain air sips
campfire fizzle-pop moon music
slow pace smell-the-orchid-smile
almost crying and then / crying
because sober-lipped silent sunset
writing songs for the mandolin
letting the mandolin purr you to sleep
dreaming of your grandmother
all swan song and black coffee
sunrise / on purpose
cumulous cauliflower clouds
shaved-head scalp snuggles
baking cinnamon cake in the morning
smearing it on your cheeks like blush
sex / on purpose
yes / and thank you
breathing / a seaweed-sway lung waltz
Vidalia onion sweetsweet crunch
walks to the grocery store / alone / happy