From November, 2017


An art gallery opened across the street from your apartment this week. At first, you were excited. You love art. …

Casual Environment

Trees know their feet
when melty black licorice
runs beneath.
Folk, however,
run with fewer prunes
and those who do,…

Sound, Unsound

To wake is an annihilation.
The wool gathered 
Blown and scattered
In draughts of sound that flap from above.

And …

6:47 a.m.

We stand on the subway, tethered to the greasy silver handrail like sad balloons, and then we get off at …

The Project

The photo shows a man, neither tall nor short, neither stout nor thin, in a pale blue button-up shirt. He …


here, where the tarmac is cracked
and faded, non-descript
crossroads where all journeys converge

makeshift metropolis of ramshackle shanties
lean-tos, …

Hometown, Iowa

This is the town
where the dogs
blend in with
the pavement, where
the air chokes with
the smell of …