By George Franklin / 11/29/2018

Mr. Milfred Morganstone Sends His Regrets

By Susan Baller-Shepard / 12/03/2018

Office Cauldrons

By Paul O'Connor / 11/12/2018

Lint, Dust and Hair

By Gregory Loselle / 12/06/2018


By Stewart Massad / 12/06/2018

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6 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Here are Typishly’s nominations for the next Pushcart Prize. We’d like to recognize these six contributing writers for their outstanding creativity.

Dara Passano does international aid work and is the author of The Guardian UK’s “Confessions of a Humanitarian” series, as well as the satire collection Give Me My Chocolate or the Turtle Dies. Dara’s fiction and commentary have appeared in the Apple Valley Review, Arcturus, Thought Catalog, Crack the Spine, East&West, The Perfume River Anthology and elsewhere.

Your Rapunzel I Have Heard

Jonathan Land Evans lives in Bermuda, where he is a historian and writer of short stories and plays. His recent short-fiction collections include ‘Bermuda Stories’, ‘Stateside Stories’, and ‘Stories From Hither And Yon’. Jonathan received his education in Bermuda and then at Johns Hopkins University, The School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC, University College London (UCL) and The College of Law in London, England. He worked as a lawyer in the City of London and Bermuda.

The Rivals

Ailish Annie James is an English literature graduate. Ailish wrote this poem as a special project for Typishly, for which we are grateful.


Herbert Woodward Martin served as professor of English and poet-in-residence at the University of Dayton for more than 30 years. He taught creative writing and African-American literature. Herbert has devoted decades to editing and giving performances of the works of the poet and novelist Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906). He also edited four books and wrote nine volumes of poetry. His publications include: The Shit-Storm Poems, Pilot Press, 1972, and Escape To The Promised Land, Bottom Dog Press, 2005. Herbert was born in 1933.

Saturday Nights In The Wash Tub

R. J. Keeler was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and lived in the jungles of South America until he was twelve. Honorman, U.S. Naval Submarine School. “SS” (Submarine Service) qualified. Vietnam Service Medal. Honorable Discharge. BS Mathematics NCSU, MS Computer Science UNC, MBA UCLA, Certificate in Poetry UW. Whiting Foundation Experimental Grant.

God in Underwear

Daun Daemon has been published in News & Observer (Raleigh) Sunday Reader, Fiction Fix, Southern Women’s Review, Sassy, Kalliope, Creative Loafing and the Haiku Journal. Her poem “I hear her voice calling” placed first in the Origami Poems 2017 Kindness Contest. She teaches scientific communication at NC State University and lives in Raleigh, NC.

My Daddy Taught Me to Pack

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3 Editor’s Choice Stories

Here’s a selection of our Editor’s Choice short stories for you to read and share.

Shelagh Powers Johnson holds an MFA in Creative Writing from American University. She is an English professor at Bowie State University. Shelagh has been published in Ravishly, Luna Luna Magazine, Night Train, the Grace and Gravity anthologies, Portland Review, apt, Avatar Review, and Clackamas Literary Review, among others.

What We Imagined

Peter Lynch lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. He works in demolition and writes when he can.

Our Lady Of The Shallows

JoAnna Pollonais is a meditator, a feminist, an adventurer. She has worked as an editor and communication specialist for the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. On the move since 2002—from Berlin to Bangkok, Beirut to Brussels, Hanoi to Copenhagen, and Kigali to Cairo—she now lives in Brooklyn, where she’s writing a novel.

In the Absence of Your Father

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3 Editor’s Choice Poems

Here’s a short selection of our Editor’s Choice poems for you to read and share.

Carol Flake Chapman turned to journalism after a stint in academia, working as writer and editor for a number of leading newspapers and magazines. She was a founding editor of Vanity Fair; she was the horse racing correspondent for The New Yorker; she was a rock critic for the Village Voice; she was the Texas stringer for U.S. News & World Report; and she has been an editor and columnist for the Boston Globe. She has written as well for Harper’s, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Connoisseur, The Nation, Texas Monthly, and The New Republic. Her book Written in Water: A Memoir of Love, Death and Mystery, which is compelling in its dramatic story and visionary in its implications, is her most important work.

What Counts in the End

Kate Hoyle is a poet and visual artist who lives in California. Her five poem series, On America, toured the US and South America on exhibit in U2’s Joshua Tree World Tour 2017. “Survival Dreams of Birthday Cake” is a mark of the conversation between the breaking and the incandescent, the trauma and the breath. It is the dialogue of Kate’s inner and outer worlds. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, The AUDACITY and Handwritten.

Survival Dreams of Birthday Cake

James Mele is a graduate of St. Lawrence University, University College, Dublin, and the Antioch International Writing Program. He has published poetry, fiction, and articles in numerous periodicals in the US, Ireland, and England. His first full-length poetry collection, Dancing in Eurynome’s Shoes, was published by Antrim House Books in 2017.

On Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe

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3 Creative Challenge winners

We have a never-ending supply of writing prompts to stimulate your creativity. First lines, last lines, and collections called ‘word salads’. We refresh them every three weeks. Here are a few of the best responses to our creative challenges.

Linda McMullen is a peripatetic American diplomat often found in Africa or Asia. Her short stories will be appearing in Palaver, Enzo Publications, Temptation Press and Panoply.

The Announcement

Joshua Lindenbaum has been published in Five 2 One Magazine, Silhouette Press, Mistake House, Blue Lake Review, 3Elements Review, The Oddville Press and The Write Room.


Timothy Tarkelly lives in Western Kansas, where he works for a non-profit serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence. His poetry has appeared in Paragon Journal, GNU, Haunted Waters Press, Cadaverous Magazine, Whisper and the Roar, Poets & War, Lycan Valley Press, Fourth & Sycamore, and Aphelion. He was an honorable mention for Noir Nation’s Golden Fedora Poetry Prize.

Six Shooter Blues

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3 of our Most Shared

Our Most Shared (most loved) short stories and poems are being discovered and appreciated by a wide audience on social media. If you see something you like, please share it so others can discover Typishly. Our community of writers is grateful for your support. (By the way, we’ve just jumped onto Twitter @typishly. See you there.)

Simon Nader is a London-based professional actor, director and writer. He is the author of a collected volume of comedic issues-based poetry called The Alphabet According to Several Strange Creatures, and its sequel The Alphabet According to Several Strange Humans.

Anonymity and Pleasure

John Jay Speredakos is a New York-based professional actor and writer with an MFA from Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of the Arts. He has appeared on and off-Broadway, in films, TV, and radio dramas for the last few decades, and is a devoted daddy to his daughter, Calliope. More information and photos can be found on IMDb.

Shoulder Me

Evalyn Lee is a former CBS News producer currently living in London, UK. Her broadcast work received an Emmy and numerous Writers Guild Awards. She produced television segments for 60 Minutes in New York and the BBC in London, and wrote for Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, and Lesley Stahl while covering both Gulf Wars and many investigative pieces. She has interviewed writers including Joseph Brodsky, Seamus Heaney, Dick Francis and Margaret Atwood about their work. Evalyn’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in: Letting Go: An Anthology of Attempts, ed. Martha Hughes; Hawai’i Pacific Review; War, Literature, and the Arts Journal; Broad River Review 2016; Amarillo Bay; Diverse Arts Project; The Broken Plate; The Louisville Review; Red Savina Review; Saint Ann’s Review; Schuylkill Valley Journal of the Arts; and Stickman Review. She won the Willow Review prize for short fiction for 2016.

Farewell Street

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