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Farewell Street

Turn left at Farewell Street,
Abandon the GPS,
Lose your keys,
Your head, your life,
Your car, your passport,
Credit …


He could see it coming apart before it even hit the water,
the kite built of crepe paper and popsicle …

What We Imagined

Before the walls collapsed, they were vast and full of color. We lost our security deposit the day we moved …

Buttered Walls

The morning after the Berlin wall fell,
I ate cocoa puffs, my husband says.
He was three, just learning to …


The sun blazed. Unwanted. Its hue of jasmine, palpable to others, was far overlooked by the citizens it shined for. …

Summer on the Square

that time the man on the
shouting tore us
out of a sweaty summer
not sleep
            and we fucked …

The Ticket

Tucked under a box of Kleenex and a small sewing kit, the Dutch Masters cigar box rested in the drawer …

Cleaning Up

Trying to clean us up
feels like sorting trash
the morning after
in a dress and six inch heels.

Loosely …