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Calle La Rueda

Over many years, the cobblestone streets had given way to the congested asphalt of the greater part of Quito. From …


With a three-hour layover he hadn’t minded the delay. Waiting onboard Flight 1791A from Chicago before disembarking, out on the …


An art gallery opened across the street from your apartment this week. At first, you were excited. You love art. …

Casual Environment

Trees know their feet
when melty black licorice
runs beneath.
Folk, however,
run with fewer prunes
and those who do,…

6:47 a.m.

We stand on the subway, tethered to the greasy silver handrail like sad balloons, and then we get off at …

The Project

The photo shows a man, neither tall nor short, neither stout nor thin, in a pale blue button-up shirt. He …


here, where the tarmac is cracked
and faded, non-descript
crossroads where all journeys converge

makeshift metropolis of ramshackle shanties
lean-tos, …