Are you up for a Creative Challenge?

This is your chance to be inventive. Be unexpected. Surprise us with your creativity.

Our Creative Challenges are NOT contests. There are no prizes. They’re fun writing prompts.

As the name implies, our First Sentence creative challenge provides you with the first line you must use to begin your short story or poem. Our Last Sentence creative challenge gives you the last line you must use. And our Word Salad creative challenge gives you three phrases you must use somewhere within your story or poem.

We publish every submission that tickles our fancy. And we do that as the submissions roll in. We don’t wait until after the deadline to publish. Each challenge lasts about three weeks.

When the deadlines have come and gone, we refresh and repeat each challenge with new writing prompts.


Go to our our Submissions page and scroll down to see our Creative Challenges. Click the More tab on each challenge to learn how to participate.


Read previous winners of our Creative Challenges.