From poetry


He shuffles items in his junk drawer:
a Datsun 510 key, spare shoe
laces, a single collar stay, some
matchbooks …

Carving the Sky

Condom wrappers and CD casings quiver
on packed gravel as the crowds coalesce.
A garrison of mohawks and begrimed skinny…

A Small Town

This town where my wife and I have made a life
is the largest I’ve lived in. For her
it …


In your knee-high, tri-stripe socks,
you are the feather-haired object of my broken heart.

I have loved you
since …


A virgin, I carry an empty:
an accumulation of space.
A sign around my neck: the core
of my body …

Day Dream

I awaken to find my brain
sitting on the kitchen counter:
a grey fruit
cut into neat sections.

I cough …


The flutter of paper thin eyelids,
                        butterflies   ^
the dry rattle, the absence of a pulse.
                       ^  …


I’ve been eating the skin off my hands

for as long as I can remember;
all-purpose tools, obedient pets,

hot …