From poetry

Farewell Street

Turn left at Farewell Street,
Abandon the GPS,
Lose your keys,
Your head, your life,
Your car, your passport,
Credit …

How to Ice Fish

Drill hole into frozen lake

Put baited hook into hole

Wait for fish to bite baited hook


You’ve hooked …


He could see it coming apart before it even hit the water,
the kite built of crepe paper and popsicle …

Taking the Fall

in the WXW they call me “The Golden Geek”
my partner Roy is just “The Warlord”
[hero and villain] we …



Back when the trellis stood vine-
enraptured and my pockets

sagged with pebble-heft, I
clipped clothespins to my bottom …

Buttered Walls

The morning after the Berlin wall fell,
I ate cocoa puffs, my husband says.
He was three, just learning to …