From February, 2018

Hi There, America

If Homo sapiens
has risen to the
level of
our planet’s
future then
is in trouble.
Isn’t it …


She’s a boy in lace
a guy in cotton
a son in silk.
She’s a gentleman in linen
a bloke …


I did a number on the discolored patch of this room that stared me down
And treated it with a …

New Growth

My husband says I should have walked right the hell away from the Chemgard bullshit after I first saw the …

Is This It

dull rain soaks sun withered
grass rat sniffs candy abandoned

on broken pavement downtown
no one notices the elderly

spellcaster …

As the Buzzer Buzzes

The buzzer buzzed and Jasmine pressed a button to admit her visitor
The followers followed, gaining entry through the expanding …